Sunday, May 7, 2017


Hello everyone!

Yesterday I got to visit Freiburg in south-western Germany's Black Forest in the state Baden-Württemberg . The weather was lousy, but I was with good company, and enjoyed the beautiful city just the same. There was lots of old architecture and wonderful stone streets and alleyways. The town was founded during the middle ages in the 1100's and is home to one of the oldest universities in Germany; Freiburg University.

As an old city, there is wonderful architecture, market squares and a great old-town atmosphere. of course it has grown and now has about 230000 inhabitants. During WWII, about two thirds of the town was destroyed through bombings. Because of this, many of the buildings have had to be restored. 

One such beautiful square I was able to visit was the Münsterplatz. Home to a breathtaking cathedral old market building.

The Old Market Merchant's Hall Building

Freiburg Minster Cathedral


My Pictures don't do it justice, it was quite an amazing experience visiting the cathedral. 

Freiburg also is located in a wine-growing region. I had to try a local specialty called 'Kalte Sofie"
It was like a wine slurpee. It was great.

I went with red wine. I recommend it if you ever find yourself in Freiburg
Like many medieval cities Freiburg once had a fortress. There used to be a Motte-and-Bailey castle, it is now gone, but one can still hike up the hill and be rewarded with breathtaking views and sore leg muscles. We climbed up the Schlossberg and enjoyed the spoils.

Again, the crappy pictures from my Handy(cellphone) don't do it justice. There are some wonderful views of the surrounding Schwarzwald. I didn't run into any werewolves, ogres or witches.

It was a very enjoyable trip, and I can't wait to get out and explore some more great German cities.
Classes are going well, and I am continuing to learn much. 

Thanks for visiting and God bless!

Alles Gute :)