Sunday, June 18, 2017

Heidelberg and Speyer

View of Heidelberg from the Heidelberger Schloss
 This weekend I joined some friends and traveled to Heidelberg and later that same day Speyer.

Obviously there is rich history entrenched in these wonderful cities. I will try not to turn this into Wikipedia copy-pasta. I do recommend reading about it if you have interest.

The city of Heidelberg, located in SW Germany's state of  Baden-Wuerttenburg, boasts many great sights. The Altstadt was a joy to walk through. The old Baroque architecture, or whatever it was, was quite fascinating. Bumping into tourists and dodging pigeons, observing locals conversing over a local brew, or smelling delicious food being prepared at old, local restaurants added a charming human experience that one can only find in such cities. We had ein Picknick near the Neckar river and then journeyed through the town.
Neckar river

my knee-leg area got badly sunburned

Also worthy of mention is Heidelberg University. It is Germany's oldest, being founded in the late 14th century. It is quite prestigious. The philosopher's way is also a famous attraction in Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Castle was first built by an aristocrat once upon a time (13th century) out of sandstone. Of course, throughout the years it was added onto by other Lords. Moreover, as can be expected, war and the elements have had their toll on the Renaissance palace. It is regarded as very important example of castle ruins in Europe. The climb up the hill was a arduous, but we managed it and afforded ourselves respite among the ancient ruins. The view was great.

Here are some pics:

Castle from below

After Heidelberg we visited Speyer. Another old German city located in the Rhineland Palatinate SW Germany. Speyer was founded by the Romans. It is famous for it's Cathedral, under which the tombs of 8 Holy Roman emperors and German Kings are located. Didn't get to see the inside, but was taken aback by the colossal structure just the same.
Speyer Dom, a cool example of Romanesque Architecture.

behind the cathedral, here you can see the older stonework. (the front of the cathedral more recently(1800's) reconstructed)

Sorry the pics aren't better. Check the web for pictures that do these awesome monuments better justice. What a blast that day was. The semester here is coming to a close and finals are right around the corner. Time flew by. Thanks for tuning in.

Bis Spaeter!


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  1. The pictures are great! Enjoyed reading the interesting history. Miss you son, I am happy also to see pictures of you! :)